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5 Reasons Interactive Dog Toys are a Parent’s Best Friend

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A dog toy that keeps your dog active and entertained can be your best friend as a parent. Interactive dog toys have become increasingly popular over the years because they allow you to have more of an interactive experience with your pet, instead of just throwing the same old ball or stick every time you go outside to play with them. Below are five reasons why I think interactive dog toys are the best choice for parents looking to keep their pets safe and happy.


1) The Benefits of Interactive Dog Toys

There’s nothing worse than spending money on an indestructible dog toy that doesn’t last more than five minutes. If you’re searching for indestructible dog toys that won’t disappoint, look no further—we found five reasons interactive dog toys are your best bet. Dog toys that move make the best interactive dog toys should move, which means no more fetching tossed balls and sticks (yawn). Instead, try a rope toy that allows your pup to pull at it from all angles; there are several benefits to playing tug-of-war with your dog. These toys are great for your dog’s mental stimulation. Puzzle toys made of hard plastic that can endure active dogs always playing with them. The best toys are of course the ones that provide interactive play for your puppies. Interactive treats are a great choice for adult dogs which are aggressive chewers. It’s a dog’s natural instincts to sometimes treat enrichment toys and food puzzles as chew toys and that’s okay.

Interactive Dog Toy

2) The Moveable Toy That Keeps Dogs Interested For Hours

Keeping dogs entertained is something that all dog owners know how difficult it can be. Sure, most of us make use of treat-based toys for training purposes, but for those times when you just want to keep your pup active and happy without having to give out treats or take him on long walks outside (because, let’s face it, even in nice weather those can wear on us), there’s no better option than an interactive toy. And while there are a plethora of these available out there, one in particular seems to reign supreme: Chuckit! Sport Whistler Ball.

Interactive Dog Toy

3) How Chew-Proof Is This Toy?

It’s important to choose an indestructible dog toy that your pet can’t destroy in minutes. If your pet is strong-willed, choosing a toy that keeps him or her occupied for at least 30 minutes may be more practical than something more durable. A good way to evaluate durability is by how likely it is to cause injury if it breaks—and most dog owners want to avoid those situations. Some dogs simply don’t have active enough jaws or teeth to break down hard rubber toys quickly. If you own such a pooch, you may not need as rugged of an option (though you should still keep tabs on any changes in their biting abilities). Whatever dog toy you end up choosing, just remember that playtime with your pal should never feel like work.


4) How Safe Is This Toy?

You can find plenty of indestructible dog toys online, but no matter how sturdy they may be, you should still make sure your child is using them properly. Make sure kids under age 6 don’t use these interactive toys without adult supervision, and never leave dogs and interactive dog toys alone together unsupervised.

indestructible dog toys

Many dogs become frustrated when these toys aren’t moving quickly enough for them to enjoy, if that happens, it’s important that you remove any exposed toy parts. If your dog does get his mouth around any part of an interactive toy—even if he seems like he’s fine—take him to see a vet immediately for an x-ray just in case there is damage inside his mouth or throat.


5) Long Lasting and Portable

There’s nothing worse than leaving your dog toy that moves at home for hours on end with no toys to keep them entertained. Some dogs will manage just fine, but many others end up tearing up furniture or other household items in an attempt to entertain themselves. This can be extremely stressful, especially if you have multiple dogs that need keeping busy. A great solution is to invest in interactive dog toys which will not only provide hours of entertainment but which are also indestructible and easily transportable from room to room when needed! Because there’s so much variety on offer these days, it’s easy to find an appropriate toy for almost any size or breed of dog and most include some form of treat-dispensing action, making them hugely attractive.

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