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Boykin Spaniel Dog

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The Boykin Spaniel is not as old as some of its relatives, but it is one of the best hunting dogs you will most likely find. The Boykin Spaniel was bred in the early 20th century by a guy named L. Whitaker Boykin. Boykin breed together an American Water Spaniel, Springer Spaniel, Pointer, and Chesapeake Bay Retriever in order to create this hunting dog. The Boykin Spaniel is known for its bird hunting abilities in America.
You will find the Boykin Spaniel has the typical looks of a spaniel right down to its ears and fur. The coat on the dog is wavy or curly, but very soft and silky. Usually this dog breed is going to be brown or liver in color. You will find that it is a larger spaniel breed, but offers smaller floppy ears. They have a quite short muzzle that is medium in width, and a docked tail. The typical height for the Boykin Spaniel is 15 to 18 inches and weighing in at 25 to 40 pounds. With proper care and exercise the Boykin Spaniel can live for 14 to 16 years.
Grooming is an essential part of owning this dog breed. Their long fur coat needs to have daily brushings to make sure the coat doesn’t mat. You will also find that the daily brushing will remove any loose or dead hair they may carry around. Since they do like to hunt and play they need to have their feet, ears, and eyes checked on a daily basis as well as their teeth. The nails need to be trimmed on a regular basis. Like most spaniels you don’t want to give them unnecessary baths, but they can handle the occasional shampoo. One of the reasons the eyes have to be checked daily is that they tend to have health issues regarding their eyes. They can also develop hip dysplasia, heart issues, and skin irritations.
We have discussed how the Boykin Spaniel makes a great hunting dog, but have yet to touch on their personality. The typical personality of the Boykin dog breed is docility, happiness, and obedience. They are also very loyal and affectionate creatures. You will find that they are usually going to ask the owner if a behavior is okay and what job to perform next with little training. The Boykin Spaniel loves to swim and play. You will also find they love to search, making their abilities one of the best. They are also very happy to comply with owners wishes, but be careful they could follow their nose into danger if they are not on a lead. Training should be early in their lives and consist of obedience and socialization. For the most part they already are wonderful pets, but the hunting abilities can be difficult to deal with in a pet, when they wonder off or try to hunt smaller pets in your home.
You will find the Boykin Spaniel can live in an apartment. The proper care entails making sure they get a daily walk. It is better if you have a small yard to place them in. On their daily walk a brisk pace is usually needed and a long walk. They have a lot of energy and need to have jobs daily or they will become bored. Boredom usually leads to the dog’s destructive behavior, especially since they love to be outdoors and useful. The Boykin Spaniel will make an excellent pet for anyone, and most especially hunters.
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