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4 Toys Curious Dogs Will Love These Moving Dog Toys

Dog Toys That Move

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Catch, pull, and bite. For fans looking for a dog toy that moves, these are the standard functions of dog toys. Don’t get us wrong: they are fantastic. But every now and again, we’re seeking for a little something extra in a dog toy. We can, in fact, say what it is. To put it another way, we’d like these toys to do more of the heavy lifting so that our daily walks don’t become a never-ending squat session.


Moving dog toys can help with this. They could be electronic (yeah, technology) or simply rely on your dog’s natural instincts to bounce around. They provide a lot of amusement for your dog and a little more rest for you in the dog park—or in your living room—however they do it.

These are the greatest moving dog toys available right now, whether you have a small dog, a huge dog, a chewer, a lover, or a total rascal.


1. A Set of Three Musical LED Moving Dog Toys

Sheraton Luxuries 3 Blue LED Light Up Bouncy Dog Balls with Sounds, Jumping Activation Balls for Small Medium Dogs & Puppies, Funny Musical Sounds & Vibrations to Play Fetch with Old and Blind Dogs 2.25

This ball contains multicolored lights, a speaker that creates interesting sounds, and shakes when switched on, all of which are fantastic ways to keep your dog occupied. Furthermore, it bounces high when dropped, making fetch a lot of fun. There are available in a variety of sizes.

In theory, this is a great ball for blind dogs, however the alert and sounds barely last a few seconds. The ball is no better than any other ball unless you’re lucky enough to throw it so close to your dog that they can find it in a matter of seconds. The idea is to throw it hard enough to send it off, but not far enough away from your dog for them to find it in a matter of seconds. It’s not going to happen. My dog’s vision is quite impaired, and he has never been able to identify this ball in the brief time it has been operational. When I asked if this time period could be adjusted, the manufacturer answered no since the battery would die too quickly.


2. Interactive Giggle Plush Dog Toy to Cure Your Dog’s Boredom

NEILDEN Upgrade Interactive Squeaky Dog Toys Plush Puppy Chew Toys Giggle Dog Balls Durable for Tug and Fetch Pet Toys for Small Dogs

These plush toys will shake in a humorous way when your dog grabs them, with a variety of hilarious characters to select from. When they’re moved, they squeak as well. The soft material is easy to clean and comes with two covers, so your pet can alternate between playing with one and de-slobbering with the other.

“My small dog is frightened of everything, but he needed a new toy, so I gave him this one a try,” says the reviewer. It’s fantastic! This toy is a hit with him! He tosses it, leaps around, and barks a little, then comes to a halt. He tosses it again and again, repeating the process.”

3. StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

This is a puzzle moving dog toy that will most likely be used for hours. Simply load this toy with kibble and let your pet go to town on it, knocking and rocking it around until food falls out and they are rewarded for their efforts. It’s available in two sizes to accommodate both tiny and large pets, and the kibble apertures can be enlarged or reduced to fit your needs.

It entertains our dog and exhausts him by the time it’s empty but that can be fixed with a nice moving dog toy. He won’t stop until the last treat or kibble has been consumed. We like being able to control how quickly or slowly the treat is delivered.”

4.  Wickedbone Interactive & Automatic Chew Toy

Moving Dog Toy

This dog toy that moves gets a little high tech, but it’s a terrific, hands-free way to play with your pet (thus, the price goes up, too). Your phone acts as a joystick for the Bluetooth-enabled bone, which zooms around your house at rapid speeds. The battery lasts for up to a month in sleep mode, and your pet can chase it for up to 30 feet until the signal dies.

This intelligent moving dog toy allows you to choose from different interactive modes or just use the toy’s app in drive mode to control the puppy toy. It can alter how it reacts automatically based on your dog’s actions.


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