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Korean Jindo Dogs

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The Jindo dog breed comes from South Korea. You will find the Jindo dog is centuries old, but no one is sure when they were established. These dogs were used to hunt wild boar, rabbit, badgers, and deer. As a working dog they were very valuable to Korea. They are still popular in certain areas, especially Korea. But before you start looking for Korean Jindo puppies for sale, lets learn more about them.
This breed looks like it is a great dog to have. They offer a thin, sleek body with a curly tail, pointed ears, and a serious appearance. You will find the Korean Jindo is usually white, yellow, red, red and white, tan and white, black, black and tan, and brindle. One of the reasons this dog is considered a wonderful working dog is because of its small body, which allows for agility. For the grooming of this dog you should realize that they have medium length hair. This hair should be brushed daily or at least three times a week to keep down the shedding and the matting. They will also need to have their ears, eyes, and fur checked on a daily basis as they love to play outdoors. Their feet do need to have the toe nails clipped on a routine basis. The Jindo is 18 to 25 inches in height. They are also going to weigh about 25 to 40 pounds. You will find the major health problem associated with these dogs is the hypothyroid disorder.
For a temperament you will find one of the best loved dogs. They offer great affection, loyalty, and happiness. You will find that they are not a good dog for a new owner or inexperienced owner. This is because of their independent nature. They love to roam the land and hunt. You will find they can also be obedient. They will seem like they are following you, but then go their own way. This doesn’t mean they aren’t a great pet. Most often you will find they love to have one master who showers affection and whom they can be near. They are very protective of those they love. The Jindo is not always the best animal with small pets or children. You may want to try socialization or have a one pet household. They are also very gentle dogs despite their demeanor of independence.
For training you will need to have the puppy trained in obedience and socialization. The training needs to be firm and consistent. You also want to make sure training offers enough to keep them alert and happy. If they become bored you will lose the upper hand. It is best to try a dominant technique to help them with the independent nature. You may also have to keep them on a lead most of the outdoor time. They will come back home, but they tend to run off for long periods of time to hunt.
For this dog you need a farm or huge backyard. They do not do well confined. They tend to experience boredom, and loneliness if they are left alone at home for too long inside a home. You will find that a walk on a daily basis for about an hour and some play will help them. You should let them experience independence while on the lead, but make sure to always keep them within your sight. They tend to like the brisk walks or run next to a bike as opposed to something that is lazy.
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