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Tips For Choosing Healthy Dog Food

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Has it ever crossed in your mind how to choose healthy dog food? How many preservatives are are in the dog food. Pet food should be able to provide all the nutrients needed by the dog, your puppy. So before your dog ate it, here are tips to choosing healthy dog food for your dog.

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Understand the best ratio for diet healthy dog food ​​is approximately 50% for meat, 50% vegetables, and without grains, wheat, or other cheap fillers. Choose a dog food that is close to to these ratio. But, this type of information about guaranteed analysis or ingredient list is not available from the label set.

Meat food protein sources should be the highest in ingredients list. Because usually dog food is meat that has not been cooked, and make sure the protein content after cooking process is not down too much. It takes 5 kg meat to make one pound dog food. Look for the first three ingredients listed on the labels that form a protein such as chicken, lamb or venison.

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Grains are a source of energy and long-term energy storage for dogs. But remember, grains which you give to your dog should be used in the entire form so that can supply a lot fiber, vitamins and mineral. When used in the right percentages, rolled oats, barley, quinoa, millet, and brown rice are the best grains for dogs.

Mostly, low quality dog food will list meat ingredients in first place followed by several other products and fillers. Actually, in this case the filler will be more and change above ratio although the meat is in the first list.

Dogs also need animal protein. Well planned vegetarian diet can work for dogs. Dogs can survive even if only on a vegetarian diet. But with vegetarian, dogs can not grow and develop properly.

Preservatives indeed necessary in preserve food, but chemical preservatives may cause cancer. Therefore avoid chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT and Ethoxyquin. If you want to use preservatives, use Vitamin E and Vitamin C as a preservative of food. Because the preservative is better than chemical preservatives.

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Some people may consider this rule, if you do not want to eat it, then your dog may not have to eat it too. But there are some things that are going to eat that is not good for your dog. Do not make the mistake of thinking all human food appropriate for your dog. Nutritional needs of dogs and humans are different, so what is appropriate and interesting for your dog probably is not something you care to eat.

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